How many music scales are there?

Answer There are six basic music scales: major, minor, chromatic, whole tone, two-three pentatonic and three-two pentatonic. The basic minor scale is divided into three subsets of scales---melodic, harmon... Read More »

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About Music Scales?

Musical scales are groups of notes which go up or down in pitch and usually are based around one particular note, or key. The notes in a scale are usually determined according to strict mathematica... Read More »

Explain Music Scales?

Scales are a particular pattern of pitches that make up all music. In Western music, the smallest interval in any scale is a half step, but in some Eastern music, there are scales in which the smal... Read More »

How to Understand Music Keys & Scales?

While it is possible to become a good musician without a deep understanding of keys and scales, knowing how to play in key will help you not only play along with other musicians, but it will also a... Read More »

How to Make Piano Music From Chords & Scales?

There are different techniques and methods for learning how to play a musical instrument. The traditional method for beginning piano students involves developing sight reading skills. Piano techniq... Read More »