How to Make Paper Money Smile or Frown?

Answer Instead of having George looking back at you from the one dollar bill with a dull stare, make your money smile!

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Who sang Smile Smile Smile on Castle?

Apparently Criminal Minds Season 5 will start in September I heard that it will start on September 22, I am SO excited!

When is the age of when babies smile the real smile?

On average babies start smiling at 2 months - but some are earlier, some later.

Will mooning (explosing your bum) to a smile-detection camera active smile detection?

As far as I can tell, smile-detectors look for two dots on top (eyes), a faint veritcal line (nose) and a horizontal line (mouth.) Most people have the vertical line, but unless you have really pr... Read More »

How to Frown?

Some people lack the ability to frown. How will people know when they're really ticked off? If you can't frown, or just want to upgrade your skills, then read this guide.