How many bones&muscles are in a body?

Answer There are 206 bones and more than 650 named muscles in the human body. The smallest bone is located in the ear and is called the stirrup bone. The largest bone in the human body is called the femur... Read More »

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How many muscles are in the feline body?

Cats have 517 separate muscles in their bodies. Each feline ear by itself has 32 muscles, with at least 12 of them being used to turn the ear up to 180 degrees, to better hear predators, prey and c... Read More »

How many bones&muscles are in the human hand?

The human hand has 27 bones. There are 17 muscles in the palm of the hand, but a total of 34 muscles control hand movement. The remaining 18 muscles are in the forearm and control the fingers throu... Read More »

How many muscles are involved in shooting a basketball?

The triceps are used during the player's extension and follow-through of the shot. The wrist flexor muscles are used as the player flicks his wrist to achieve backspin on the shot. The calf muscl... Read More »

How many skeletal muscles are in the human body?

Because of conflicting expert opinions, there are either 639 or 640 skeletal muscles in the human body depending on who you ask. The definition of what constitutes a distinct muscle is still up for... Read More »