How many movies did the Beatles make?

Answer The Beatles made a total of five feature films: "A Hard Day's Night," "Magical Mystery Tour," "Let It Be," "Yellow Submarine" and "Help!" The Beatles had only minimal involvement with "Yellow Subma... Read More »

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Love the Beatles Hate the Beatles or just don't care?

Hello Alyssia!I Love the Beatles, The Beatles were as important to music as rock and roll and the Motown sound. For that reason, I love the Beatles, there has been no other sound like theirs, they ... Read More »

Beatles: What are are the first five Beatles songs that come to mind?

"A Day In The Life" "It's All Too Much" "Rocky Raccoon""Something""Hey Jude"

Movies that made you cry!?

the last samurai all the warriors died well it didnt make cry but it was just sadand lest see oh the Lion King Mufassa died

How were old sci-fi movies made?

Early movie makers made science fiction featuring spaceships, giant monsters and alien civilizations, but with digital technology yet to be invented, all special effects had to be physical, somethi... Read More »