How many movies has Stephen King made?

Answer According to Stephen King's website, there have been 34 movies made based on the books of the famous horror writer. "Carrie," "Misery" and "The Shawshank Redemption" are among the movies based on S... Read More »

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Which stephen king story has worked the best when made into a movie or mini series?

I hated the book "Misery" but loved the movie. Your choice is excellent tho. The book scared the crap out of me and the movie did turn out pretty decent. I thought the mini series of "The Stand" wa... Read More »

Does Stephen King believe in God?

On Stephen King's official website it states: "Stephen was raised as a Methodist and attended church regularly in his youth. He no longer attends church, but he does believe in God and reads the Bi... Read More »

Does Stephen King have a pen name?

Stephen King has previously used the pen names Richard Bachman and John Swithen. King wrote the stories "Thinner," "The Long Walk," "Roadwork" and several others under the Bachman pseudonym. He wro... Read More »

Does Stephen King have any children?

According to his official website, bestselling author Stephen King has three children: Naomi, Joe and Owen. The two boys are published authors; Naomi serves as a minister for the Unitarians. Joe al... Read More »