Which is the best actor Denzel Washington or Samuel L. Jackson?

Answer Both are really skilled actors, but Denzel gets the nod to me.

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How many Scream movies have been made to date?

To date, the "Scream" movie franchise has produced three films since 1996. The first sequel, "Scream 2," came out in 1997, while the third film in the series premiered in 2000. A fourth installment... Read More »

How many Disney animated movies have been made?

In 1937, Walt Disney Studios released its first animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Since then, the company has gone on to create 49 full-length animated features, including such classi... Read More »

Michael Jackson Fans! How long have you been a Michael Jackson Fan?

1992 around dangerous era and his sexy body

Have any photographs been leaked of Michael Jackson in casket?

Not yet and i did not know him or know his family but i think that we should respect there wishes to be left in privacy.thank you There are none, at least from the public memorial for Michael, beca... Read More »