Where can i watch movies for free online and can i buy movies of of itunes and burn them to a disc for my TV?

Answer Here are 25 of the best websites for free movies;…

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How do i add movies to itunes?

hi darkshadow! check out these free programs for doing this - handbrake and's a how-to on doing this using handbrake:…and here's the ho... Read More »

Can you add movies to your itunes from disks?

Try this method. I use it all the time.yes it looks long and complicated but it really isnt.First of all, make sure your computer has a DVD drive. If it doesn't, you won't be able to do this. It se... Read More »

How to Get Torrent Movies on iTunes?

Torrent movies are those files that are acquired through any of the numerous torrent applications. A torrent download makes it easier to acquire large files as your computer downloads small pieces ... Read More »

How to Add Personal Movies to iTunes?

Apple's iTunes is a free computer program that can be used to play music, video or other media depending on what version of the program you have. You can download and use iTunes on a Windows PC or ... Read More »