How many movies did the Beatles make?

Answer The Beatles made a total of five feature films: "A Hard Day's Night," "Magical Mystery Tour," "Let It Be," "Yellow Submarine" and "Help!" The Beatles had only minimal involvement with "Yellow Subma... Read More »

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How many records did the Beatles make?

The Beatles produced 19 records, all within seven years. The Fab Four has sold some 140 million records over their career, most after the group disbanded. Over the period 1964--1985, the Beatles ac... Read More »

How many movies did Shirley Temple make?

Shirley Temple's film career spanned the years 1931 to 1961. In those thirty years, Shirley Temple starred in 14 short films, 42 feature films and 25 story book movies. Her career took off in earne... Read More »

How many movies did Walt Disney make?

During his extensive career, Walt Disney directed 114 films and television shows, and served as producer on 641 films and television shows. As of 2010, the Disney production company is responsible ... Read More »

How many movies did Charlie Chaplin make?

According to the Internet Movie Database, Charlie Chaplin was credited as an actor in 87 movies. He is credited as a director for 75 films. There are numerous films in which Chaplin was both an act... Read More »