Where are the Balkan Mountains on a world map?

Answer The Balkan Mountains are located in the European countries of Serbia and Bulgaria. They extend for approximately 350 miles from eastern Serbia through central Bulgaria to the Black Sea. Also called... Read More »

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How to See the World's Most Beautiful Mountains?

The world is filled with beautiful mountains, from majestic ranges like the Ozark and the Himalayas to single breathtaking peaks like Mt. Everest. Depending on where you live, seeing such wonders m... Read More »

How did the smoky mountains get their name?

The Great Smoky Mountains is, according to the National Park Service, the most visited national park, but its name is somewhat misleading. The distinctive "smoke" of the Southern Appalachians is no... Read More »

Where are the Catskill Mountains?

The Catskill Mountains lie in southern New York State and are part of the Allegheny Plateau. The Catskill Mural Front forms the eastern edge of the Catskill Mountains west of the Hudson River.Sourc... Read More »

Where are the Jura Mountains?

The Jura Mountains range extends approximately 225 miles along the French-Swiss border. The highest peak reaches 5,636 feet. The limestone formation of the Jura Mountains is the basis of the term J... Read More »