How many mortgage payments can you miss before foreclosure?

Answer The number of payments missed before a foreclosure gets started depends on the loan terms, bank policies and state laws. In some cases, one missed payment can trigger a foreclosure. However, in sta... Read More »

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How many payments can you miss before foreclosure process starts?

Foreclosure laws vary by state and by individual banks' policies, but generally, missing 3 months of mortgage payments will begin the foreclosure proceedings by sending out a "demand letter." This ... Read More »

How Many Payments Can I Miss Before My Car Is Repossesed After a Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy laws are designed to help creditors keep assets, but you still must make scheduled monthly payments or risk car repossession. The type of bankruptcy you file for also affects the risk of... Read More »

How many months can I be behind on a mortgage before foreclosure?

Mortgages have no set time before they go into foreclosure after you start missing payments, according to the Bills website. The number of payments you can miss is under the "Notice of Default" sec... Read More »

How many months behind can I be on mortgage before foreclosure starts?

State laws on foreclosure vary, with some states giving homeowners more time than others to bring mortgage payments current. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, forec... Read More »