Are there any moons on Neptune?

Answer The planet Neptune has 13 moons as of February 2011. Astronomers first believed Neptune had three moons. The 1989 Voyager flyby discovered another five moons, bringing the count to eight. Between 2... Read More »

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Who discovered the moons of Neptune?

Neptune's largest moon, Triton, was discovered by William Lassel in 1846, shortly after the discovery of the planet itself. It wasn't until 1949 that another of Neptune's moons, Nereid, would be di... Read More »

What planet has 10 rings&15 moons?

Many people think Saturn is the only planet with rings. According to Voyager 2 data, Uranus has 11 rings and 15 moons. According to historical records, William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781 wi... Read More »

How many moons orbit pluto?

Three moons orbit Pluto, a dwarf planet that was considered the ninth planet in the solar system until 2006, according to NASA. The largest moon, known as Charon, was found in 1979. In 2005, a grou... Read More »

How many moons of Jupiter did Galileo see?

Astronomer Galileo Galilei discovered four of Jupiter’s moons. Galileo originally observed three moons, but spotted a fourth one about a week later. As of 2009, Jupiter had 49 moons and 14 more u... Read More »