How many months until a baby starts crawling?

Answer .the average age is 5-6 months. Some babies do it earlier than some and some do it later than others. I start to worry till 9-12 months. You should talk to your child's doctor about their development.

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What is the best way to help a baby start crawling?

Answer Crawl around with the baby. Other than that, not much. Answer The above is true, but, some babies will NOT crawl and may drag themselves or just get up one day and start walking a few ste... Read More »

When does baby start crawling?

A baby start crawling in 5months or 6 months.If it doesnt it may start at 12months.

Please help me!! At what age should a baby start crawling?

My youngest had a similar problem, my doctor told me we had to put him on a diet, so we gradually reduced his food intake, less and less each day. He really lost allot of weight and at first seeme... Read More »

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