How many months of pregnancy is 36 weeks?

Answer 9 months

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How many weeks makes two months during pregnancy?

8 weeks, in fact that makes two months even when you're not pregnant.

Is it days weeks or months before you start showing signs of pregnancy?

Answer Weeks ... about 2 weeks after your egg has been fertilized...

Can you be pregnant if you have cramping for 4 months straight even with your period and have ben on the pill for 9 months but missed about 2 weeks?

Birth Control can increase your chances of getting pregnant if you miss pills or take them at diffrent times. And it is possible to become pregnant and still have you period so I would take a pregn... Read More »

You have no syntoms that you know of your breast are not sore you have been on clomid for four months for the past two months your period was on time now you are 10 days late you took a pregnancy test?