How many months of constant daylight does the south pole have?

Answer The South Pole has roughly six months of constant daylight, and six months of constant night time darkness. During the summer, the earth's tilt points the South Pole away from the sun, creating si... Read More »

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How much daylight is at the South Pole?

At the South Pole on the Antarctic continent, the sun rises around September 21st and stays in the sky for about six months. During the Antarctic Summer, which occurs during the daylight months, th... Read More »

Does the North Pole or the South Pole have no land under it?

The North Pole has no land under it, just the Arctic Ocean, while the South Pole sits on the continent of Antarctica. The thickness of ice at the North Pole depends on the season and weather condit... Read More »

How many inches is it from the North Pole to the South Pole?

On Earth, the distance from the South Pole to the North Pole is approximately 787,564,800 inches. This is based on the flight distance of 12,430 miles between the two cold locations.References:Trav... Read More »

Does the South Pole have a solar eclipse?

Very rarely does the South Pole have a solar eclipse because of its latitude. Every six months during the eclipse season, the conditions may be right for a solar or lunar eclipse.References:Earthvi... Read More »