How many months does pregnancy last?

Answer Nine monthsBetween 37 to 42 weeks is the average length of a human pregnancy. Obstetricians calculate a due date at 40 weeks from the mother's last menstrual period. This translates to approximatel... Read More »

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How many months does a season last?

The four seasons are divided equally throughout the year, each beginning on a solstice or equinox. Each season lasts about three months. Spring starts around March 20 at the spring (or vernal) equi... Read More »

My chair is pregnant, how many months does it last?

At what intervals should i get a botox and fillers How many months does it last?

Umm, none? Don't do it in the first place - they look horrible.

How many days does a pregnancy last?

A pregnancy lasts 40 weeks or 280 days. This is not counting from the day of conception; it is counting from the first day of your last period. Most doctors count this as the starting date, because... Read More »