How many molecules are required for a baby?

Answer On average, there are 6 billion molecules in a newly born baby. The chance takes to form only 1 molecule at random is 1 in 10 raised to 160, which is 1 out of 1000000 etc (160 zeros).

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How many days required in uterus for mature human baby?

How many molecules are in 85 g of O2?

The number of moles in 85 g of oxygen gas (O2) is 2.66 (85 g divided by O2's molecular weight of 32 grams per mole). Multiply by 6.02 E 23 molecules per mole to get 16 E 23 molecules.References:Los... Read More »

How many atoms are in 1.56 molecules of lead?

Lead, whose abbreviation is Pb, is on the periodic table of the elements. Because it is an element, every molecule of lead contains one single lead atom. Therefore, in 1.56 molecules of lead, there... Read More »

How many organic molecules are there?

The simple answer is nobody knows the number of organic molecules. A more specific answer is there are tens of thousands identified, and scientists continuously discover new ones. There may be as m... Read More »