How many minutes of an audio book will an ipod hold?

Answer On One Hand: It Depends on the iPodAn 8 gigabyte iPod Touch can hold 30 hours (1,800 minutes) of audio if it has no other data (applications, images or videos) stored on it. Other iPod products wit... Read More »

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How many minutes of video will an 2 GB SD HC card hold?

The simple answer is it will store about half of a full screen DVD movie (1.5 - 2 hours worth) However in reality it depends on several factors. High definition or Low definition? The size of the ... Read More »

How many minutes of video will a 2gb sd card hold?

The amount of video that a 2GB SD card holds depends on resolution, bit rate and compression. However, Amazon states that it can hold nearly 8 hours of video that is 384 kilobytes per second.Sourc... Read More »

How many minutes and hours of video will a 2GB memory card hold?

It probably refers to an SLR style camera which can be purchased without a Lens as the lens are interchangeable.

How many CDs will a 30 gig iPod hold?

The maximum capacity of a standard CD is 700 megabytes (MB), so a 30-gigabyte (GB) iPod will hold just over 42 CDs worth of music, or approximately 600 typical, 3-minute songs in MP3 format.Referen... Read More »