How many minutes of an audio book will an ipod hold?

Answer On One Hand: It Depends on the iPodAn 8 gigabyte iPod Touch can hold 30 hours (1,800 minutes) of audio if it has no other data (applications, images or videos) stored on it. Other iPod products wit... Read More »

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Can an iPod hold audio books?

Yes. You can buy audiobooks online, or you could load a CD audiobook onto iTunes and it would work on your iPod.

How Do I Add an Audio Book to My iPod Nano?

Audiobooks that are on a CD or downloaded from the iTunes store can be transferred to your iPod nano through automatic or manual media synchronization in the iTunes program. If your audiobook is on... Read More »

How much memory is required for an audio book on iPod?

The amount of memory required for an audio book depends on the length of the book. Audio books purchased from Apple's iTunes Store have a standard quality of 32kbps, which results in approximately ... Read More »

Why do burnable CDs only hold 80 minutes of music when they can hold 700MB of data?

Because CD players can only read uncompressed audio files (i.e. .wav). When you use cd burning software to make an audio CD it will decompress all of the audio, hence taking up more space.Lots of ... Read More »