How many minutes is a professional football game?

Answer The National Football League (NFL) is the official association of professional football. According to the NFL, a professional football game consists of four 15-minute periods and a 12-minute halfti... Read More »

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How many officials are on the football field during a professional game?

In the National Football League, there are seven officials on the field during a game: a referee, head linesman, umpire, back judge, line judge, side judge and field judge. Fans are probably most f... Read More »

Who won the very first professional football game?

The first professional football game was played Nov. 12, 1892, between the Allegheny Athletic Association and the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. The Allegheny Athletic Association won the game and made ... Read More »

How long does a professional football game last?

A National Football League game has four quarters, and each quarter is 15 minutes long. Between the second and third quarters is a 12-minute halftime. Each team is allotted three timeouts per half.... Read More »

Where was the first professional football game played?

The first professional football game between two teams of the American Professional Football Association was held on October 3, 1920 in Dayton, Ohio. The association changed its name to the Nationa... Read More »