How many minutes does it take to boil an egg?

Answer About 10 min.

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How many minutes do you boil eggs?

Put eggs in cold water and boil for exactly 10 minutes for hard boiled. You put them in cold water to stop the cooking process. If you over boil them you just get that weird purplish discolouration... Read More »

How many minutes do eggs boil for?

Eggs should be boiled for approximately 10 minutes if you want hard boiled eggs or slightly less for soft boiled eggs. Place the eggs in cold water in a sauce pan and bring to a vigorous boil, and ... Read More »

How to Hard Boil Eggs in Less Than Fifteen Minutes?

A boiled egg can make a tasty snack or dress up a salad. For some, boiling the perfect egg is a mystifying process. An undercooked egg has a runny yoke, and an overcooked egg has an unappetizing, g... Read More »

Is it best to have the stuffing in the turkey when you boil it, or should you boil it separately?

Boil it???You mean you're not supposed to stick a rolling pin up its cavity and eat it frozen like a popsicle?