Quick!! only got 45 minutes left!!! need help!!?

Answer Explain to ur parents that it is an accident! Its better to admit than hide

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Can a Child be left home for 10 minutes?

When an apple turns brownish while left bitten for a few minutes, does it mean?

How do I find out how many minutes I have left on my Verizon cell phone?

Key in #MIN (#616) from your cell phone.Dial "Send." The phone will display the minutes you have used this month.Subtract the minutes you have used from the minutes on your plan. For example, if yo... Read More »

I wore my apple headphones for 45 minutes and for two days now the left half of my head and inside of my ear hurts like crazy whenever i move my head or jaw how do i treat it?

Skull candy headphones usually break anywhere from 2-3 months use. I recommend buying another brand, because they are cheap. You're only paying for the brand. Definitely not the quality.