How to Convert MPH to Minutes per Mile?

Answer Speed and pace both measure the distance traveled over a period of time, though they gauge this in opposite ways. Speed results when distance is measured over time, while pace focuses on measuring ... Read More »

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If you jog a mile, and walk a mile which burns more calories?

Jogging would burn more calories as it would consume greater energy !

Why is it that the snooze alarm is 9 minutes Why not just 10 minutes or something?

I thought everyone knew the answer to this!!!When you were kids, didn't you all take apart clocks?They put a kinda gear ring thing (never formally studied clocks) that has 9 teeth and it's a really... Read More »

How to Run a Mile?

Do you want to run a mile? This is designed for middle and high schoolers that are trying to run a mile but can't. Start slowly and you may be able to work your way to a 7-minute mile.

How much gas is consumed per mile by a car?

The amount of gas consumed by a car per mile varies. Calculating it for a vehicle is the inverse of a "miles per gallon" rating. For a vehicle that gets 35 mpg, plug "1/35" into your calculator to ... Read More »