How to Convert MPH to Minutes per Mile?

Answer Speed and pace both measure the distance traveled over a period of time, though they gauge this in opposite ways. Speed results when distance is measured over time, while pace focuses on measuring ... Read More »

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How many steps is a mile.?

tigger,2000. 1400 if you're running.There's an old Roman Empire army trick (I didn't learn it myself in the ancient Roman army. I learned it in history studies--it's amazing what you can learn when... Read More »

If you jog a mile, and walk a mile which burns more calories?

Jogging would burn more calories as it would consume greater energy !

On an episode of Criminal Minds Spencer Reed says how many minutes a cigarette takes off of your life How many is it?

How many NYC avenues equal a mile?

The majority of New York City avenues run north to south, since New York City is mostly in a grid. According to Columbia University, there is a relatively easy way to calculate the number of avenue... Read More »