How many mints are there?

Answer The Mint family is very large and includes such things as citronella and catnip. Mints themselves have recently undergone a popularity that has gardeners' heads spinning. There where 20 or more min... Read More »

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What is in Spi-C-Mints Starlight Mints candy?

Spi-C-Mints Starlight mints are made with cinnamon to give them a spicy taste. Spi-C-Mints are round with a peppermint swirl and a pink center made with the cinnamon flavor. The candy is manufactu... Read More »

Is there a special brand of gum or mints that can cover the smell of booze?

"Laid back...With my mind on my money and my money on my mind".Don't think such a product exists, which is why I just lock my office door. This effectively wards off those pesky co-workers and anno... Read More »

At a local country club with 84 members there are half as many women as there are men the next month 8 women join and the ratio of women to men is now 3 to 4 How many men joined or left?

No it isnt.........they are exactly of the same size.....its just the color difference......

How to Make Mints?

Making mints is fun and easy! This delectable delicacy will leave you craving for more.