How many milliliters are in a drop?

Answer There are 20 drops in a milliliter, so there are 0.05 milliliters in a drop, according to Conversion Metric. Drops are a common measurement of volume in liquid drugs and are roughly equal to a drop... Read More »

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How many milliliters are in a coke can?

In the United States, a standard can of Coca-Cola contains 12 fluid ounces of liquid. This translates to roughly 354.9 milliliters in the metric system. Countries where metric is standard serve Coc... Read More »

How many milliliters are in a cup of water?

There are 240 milliliters per cup. Both cups and milliliters are used to measure the volume of liquids. Cups are used in the imperial system of measures while milliliters are used in the metric sys... Read More »

How many jelly beans are in a quart jar?

The amount of jelly beans that will fit in a quart jar may vary according to the size of the jelly beans. For average-sized jelly beans, approximately 230 jelly beans will fit into a quart-sized gl... Read More »

How many soy beans make a quart of oil?

A quart of soybean oil requires approximately 1/4 of a bushel of soybeans. A bushel of soybeans weighs 60 pounds, therefore 15 pounds of soybeans are needed to make a quart of oil.References:Walder... Read More »