How many milliamps are in a volt?

Answer It is not possible to convert from milliamps to volts without also knowing the wattage. The number of amps is equal to the number of watts divided by the number of volts, so the number of milliamps... Read More »

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How many milliamps are in a D cell?

A typical alkaline D cell has a capacity of 12,000 milliamp hours (mAh), which means that it can deliver 1 milliamp (mA) for 12,000 hours or a more realistic load of 200mA for 60 hours.References:T... Read More »

How many milliamps are in a aa alkaline battery?

An alkaline AA battery has the capacity to supply 1000 milliamps for about one hour. The maximum possible short term current a fresh battery can deliver is equal to the 1.5 volt output divided by i... Read More »

What happens when 240 volt equipment is plugged into a 120 volt source or if 110-120 volt equipment is plugged into a 60 volt source assuming all alternating current?

Assuming all alternating current and all at the same or similar frequency (say, 50-60Hz), nothing much will happen on a device using a linear transformer. A linear transformer (one that is made of ... Read More »

Can you plug a high power 240 volt appliance such as a clothes dryer into a 120 volt outlet?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. If they are appliances that have to use a lot of power, like clothes dryers, kitchen ranges, etc. , the answer has to be No. Ap... Read More »