How many miles wide is the dead sea?

Answer The Dead Sea is located between Israel and Jordan. It contains the highest salt and mineral content of any body of water. Covering more than 394 square miles, the dead sea is about 34 miles long an... Read More »

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How many of you have problems with a cable channel our channel 5?

I have had problems myself in the past and i always call them anyway to ask when it will be fixed.Course our cable isnt the same as yours. Hope you get the prob. solved.

How to Swim the English Channel?

You will need to be an excellent endurance swimmer before even contemplating swim across the English Channel, the "Everest of open-water swimming". Increasing numbers of people want to do this but ... Read More »

Is Directv channel 624 available in English via SAP?

Make sure your TV is tuned in to the correct channel, or set to the correct video input, or source. A) Is there a coaxial cable leading from the back of your receiver to the TV? If so, then try tu... Read More »

Which English TV channel is Oprah Winfrey on?