How far can an average person walk in one hour?

Answer 4 miles4 miles

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How many miles per hour does a plane travel?

A prop plane can travel at a speed of between about 280 and 360 miles per hour, while a jet airplane can travel at 460 to more than 550 miles per hour.References:Air Charter Team: Aircraft Charter

How many miles per hour does sound travel on Earth?

The speed of sound on Earth is determined by air temperature and can be slightly affected by humidity; at 70 degrees Fahrenheit sound travels roughly 771 miles per hour. Sound travels faster at hig... Read More »

How many miles does the Heart Association recommend to walk each day?

The American Heart Association does not suggest a specific number of miles to walk each day, but does recommend physical activity such as brisk walking for 30 minutes or longer on most or all days.... Read More »

If a car travels 98 miles in one hour and fortu five minutes what is its average speed?

Ave. speed = total dist. covered/total time takenTotal dist = 98 milesTotal time = 1hr 45min = 7/4hr==> ave. speed = 98 miles/(7/4hr)= 56 miles/hr.