Why do roads have so many twists and turns?

Answer in the years before roads and cars it was all dirt tracks - depending on what was in the way (fields, houses, settlements, trees, bushes) you took a route that avoided those things. over hundreds ... Read More »

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How did roman roads last for so many years?

How much of the u.s. roads are rurals roads?

Probably 95%. Countryfolk live miles apart, and the whole midwest is covered in a maze of roads. That's why the children of the corn can remain undetected.

Two wheelers are not safe on Indian City Roads.Many fatal accidents take place.What is the remedy?

Your words "Government has not promulgated any rule to curb all violations.Life has become very very cheap" are golden words.In respect of two wheelers balancing itself is an ART. It is better to b... Read More »

What are toll roads On my GPS is there is an option of avioding Toll Roads, but I don't know what they are.?

Toll Roads are usually State or Federal Highways that require you to pay a toll before traveling on them. The toll is usually about $2.00. Sometimes, people want to avoid paying money, so on your G... Read More »