How many miles long is the new river gorge bridge?

Answer The New River Gorge Bridge on Highway US-19, which spans New River in West Virginia, is 3,030 feet long. Given that a mile is 5,280 feet, the length of the bridge is 0.57 mile.Source:Roadstothefutu... Read More »

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In which African city and country do the White Nile and Blue Nile converge?

The White Nile and Blue Nile rivers converge in the city of Khartoum in the African country of Sudan "and continue to flow northward as the Great Nile," according to the National Aeronautics and Sp... Read More »

How many river miles is the Grand Canyon?

The Colorado River has cut a deep gash, known as the Grand Canyon, for 277 miles into the plateaus of northwestern Arizona. The canyon's depth averages 4,000 feet, exposing the earth's geologic his... Read More »