What is the distance between Saturn and the Moon in miles?

Answer The Moon orbits the Earth, which, like Saturn, orbits the Sun; as a result, their relative positions are not fixed. The distance between the Moon and Saturn varies constantly between 746.3 million ... Read More »

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How many many miles per gallon does a Nissan Quest get?

A Nissan Quest gets 16 miles per gallon in the city and 24 miles per gallon on the highway. It has a 20-gallon fuel tank and gets up to 480 miles per tank. The Quest runs on premium unleaded fuel.S... Read More »

How many teaspoons of sugar to get to the moon?

put it on an tea spoon the put it in a rocket and send it to the moon so only 1 dick heads

How many times NASA go to moon?

There were 17 Apollo missions altogether, although not all of these went to the moon. Many were simply test missions, some unmanned, and some in earth orbit only.Of the missions that went to the mo... Read More »

How many golf balls are on the moon?

According to NASA, astronaut Alan Shepard is the only person to have hit a golf ball on the moon. He launched three golf balls during the Apollo 14 mission which are still on the moon today.Referen... Read More »