How many miles is it to Pittsburgh from Alaska?

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How many hours is a flight from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Athens, Greece?

A flight from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Athens, Greece, takes approximately 10 hours and 24 minutes on a plane traveling 500 miles per hour. The distance between the two cities is approximately ... Read More »

What is the area of alaska in square miles?

With an estimated 663,267 square miles of land and water, the state of Alaska ranks No. 1 in size among US states, according to the World Almanac. Of the total area, 586,412 square miles are land a... Read More »

What is the area of Nome, Alaska in square miles?

The exact area of Nome, Alaska depends on whether you are talking about just the city itself, or the entire census area. The city itself is 12.5 square miles, but according to the U.S. Census Burea... Read More »

Can you use frequent flyer miles with Alaska Airlines partners?

Alaskan Airlines offers reward travel with its partner airlines, Delta Air Lines, Horizon, American and LAN Chile, based on the price of one round-trip ticket, but the airline charges a non-refunda... Read More »