How many miles is a degree of latitude?

Answer A degree of latitude is approximately 69 miles, according to the National Atlas. Additionally a minute of latitude is about 1.15 miles, while a second of latitude is 0.02 miles or just more than 10... Read More »

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How many miles are between each degree of latitude?

The distance between degrees of latitude is 69 statute miles or 60 nautical miles. This distance is constant from the Equator to either pole because lines of latitude are parallel to each other.Sou... Read More »

How many meters are in a degree in latitude?

One degree of latitude is about 111 kilometers, or about 111,000 meters. Because the earth is not a perfect sphere, the distance varies slightly. According to the Federation of American Scientists,... Read More »

How many minutes subdivide one degree of latitude?

Sixty minutes subdivide latitude. Latitude is measured in degrees, minutes and seconds. One degree of linear latitude is equivalent to approximately 69 miles. One minute of latitude equals about 1.... Read More »

How long is one degree of latitude?

According to the Federation of American Scientists, the length of one degree of latitude depends on the latitude. At 0 degrees, the length is 68.70 statute miles. At 45 degrees, the length is 69.0... Read More »