How many miles is Neptune from Earth?

Answer Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun, ranging from 4.46 billion kilometers (2.77 billion miles) to 4.54 billion kilometers (2.82 billion miles) from the the center of our solar system over t... Read More »

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How many miles are between Neptune& Pluto?

According to NASA calculation, Pluto is located approximately 3,647,240,000 miles from the Sun (most of the time). Neptune is approximately 2,793,100,000 miles from the Sun. Doing the math, Pluto i... Read More »

How many miles are between Neptune and Pluto?

Pluto's orbit is oblong, so it crosses Neptune's orbit every 250 years for a 20-year period. When Neptune and Pluto are at their closest distance, the two planets are approximately 2 billion kilome... Read More »

How far is Neptune from Earth?

Neptune lies approximately 4.4 billion km from the planet Earth. Due to the planets' orbit around the sun, NASA cannot give an exact distance between Earth and Neptune because the distance constant... Read More »

Can Neptune be seen from Earth?

Neptune can be scene from Earth when using a telescope, but cannot be seen with the naked eye. Even when using a telescope, you may only be able to see a green glare of light.Source:Hot Chalk Lesso... Read More »