How many miles did Paul Revere ride?

Answer Paul Revere rode 12 miles, from Charlestown, Mass., to Concord, Mass., during his famous midnight ride of April 18, 1775. He was delivering the message that the British soldiers were on their way C... Read More »

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How far did paul revere ride on the midnight ride?

On the evening of April 18th, 1885, minuteman Paul Revere mounted his horse and embarked upon his famous midnight ride from Boston to Concord via Lexington, covering a total span of approximately 1... Read More »

How far did paul revere ride?

Paul Revere's famous midnight ride began on April 18, 1775. To spread the message that British soldiers were en route to Concord, Revere rode his horse almost 12 miles. His route was from Charlesto... Read More »

How long did Paul Revere ride?

Paul Revere's famous midnight ride took him from Charlestown, Massachusetts, to Lexington and then onto Concord. However, Revere was stopped by British officers en route to Concord for questioning.... Read More »

What state did Paul Revere ride in?

Paul Revere's midnight ride took him through the streets of Massachusetts. Originally mounting his horse in Charlestown, Revere rode through Medford on his way to Lexington. During the final stretc... Read More »