How many miles away are the constellations?

Answer The stars have greatly varying distances from earth. According to California Institute of Technology, the closest star sits about 25.3 trillion miles from earth, and the farthest stars are many bil... Read More »

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How many miles is French Lick, Indiana, away from Evansville, Indiana?

The distance between the Indiana cities of French Lick and Evansville is 82 miles, according to the French Lick and West Baden Chamber of Commerce. The trip takes approximately 1 1/2 hours by car.R... Read More »

Can a car go off if you press the panic button on the key from miles away?

As Bill says, the transmitter is designed to work when you are pretty close to the car. No more than a couple hundred feet or so, depending on how old the battery is.

How to Build a Wi-Fi Dish Antenna For Signals That Are Miles Away?

Wi-Fi is a wireless internet technology. you can access the Internet on your computer via wireless signals, but you need to be relatively close to the source. When your Wi-Fi source is so far away ... Read More »

My wife has cancer, family 2000 miles away how to deal with it?

If she can travel and not be sick or miss treatments, GO. Everyone get Skype with cameras and visit over the Internet. Invite folks to visit but make sure the burden doesn't fall on her--stay in ... Read More »