How many miles are running shoes good for?

Answer Running shoes generally provide cushioning for up to 500 miles, but it is not uncommon for the cushioning to wear down after 350 miles. Wearing shoes that have reached the end of their lifespan can... Read More »

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Is running 3.7 miles in 25 minutes a good time?

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Characteristics of Good Running Shoes?

Don't wear just any old sneakers to run or jog. They may not provide the support and comfort you need, resulting in foot or lower-back pain. Running shoes offer more benefits than regular sneakers,... Read More »

Which Is Better for Track: Spike Shoes or Running Shoes?

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How often should you buy new running shoes?

On One Hand: Miles LoggedRunners who log long distances typically gauge the useful life of their running shoes in miles, with 300 to 500 miles logged signifying the need for new running shoes. This... Read More »