How many miles across is the mouth of the Amazon?

Answer The mouth of the Amazon River, which is in northern Brazil, is more than 250 miles in width. The river's mouth discharges about eight trillion gallons of water daily into the Atlantic Ocean.Referen... Read More »

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How many miles from Austin Texas to Randolph AFB Texas?

How many miles is it from kaiserslautern, germany to texas?

The distance between Kaisserslautern, Germany and Dallas, Texas is 5,132 miles. It can also be calculated as 4,459 nautical miles or 8,259 kilometers. In Kaisserslautern, Germany you will find a Un... Read More »

How many miles from San Antonio to South Padre island, Texas?

By road, the distance between San Antonio and South Padre Island, Texas, is roughly 290 miles. Mapquest estimates that the drive, which travels southeast through such cities as Corpus Cristi and Ki... Read More »

Is it possible to build a high speed train that can travel across the United States at 500 Miles per Hour?

California plans to build such a train that travels upwards of 100mph from San Diego to San Francisco with a few stops in between like Los Angeles. I forgot what the project was called, but it is s... Read More »