How many midnite sleep aid pills can i take?

Answer what does it say on the bottle? are you under parental supervision?you might be too young and take too much and not wake up in time for don't chance it..i'd say forget that and drink so... Read More »

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How many sleeping pills does it take to make your sleep permanent?

Sorry, this isn't the Suicide Assistance forum.Get some help, killing yourself isn't the answer.

What Pills Can I take that would Make Me die in my Sleep?

Please don't. Why would you need to? I don't think it would hurt, or that you'd be conciously aware of it. But, why waste your life? I'm sure there is someone out there that loves you and everythin... Read More »

For those who have to take pills with food before going to sleep for the night....?

I am a diabetic I get hungry a lot and have to eat often I am type 2 but I have learned to eat healthy and to exercise so that I will not gain to much weight 12 years ago I weighed 290 I now weigh ... Read More »

How many pills do you take to die?

Im not sure how old you are, but im going to assume your a teenager. The answer is YOU DONT!If you are having feelings or thoughts about killing yourself, please, PLEASE TELL YOUR PARENTS, A COUNS... Read More »