How many mic preamps does the Digi 002 have?

Answer The Digi 002, which is a Pro Tools recording interface made by Digidesign, has four mic preamps. The Digi 002 also has an additional four line inputs that you can use to route external mic preamps.... Read More »

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CANON SELPHY DS810 DIGI-PRINTER: "ERROR CODE 5C00" what does that mean Anyone know/have a site I can go to?

Doesn't specify what the error code is. But this will help troubleshoot the problem.Issue: ERROR LCD: Error code (5xxx through 9xxx)--------------------------------------…Solution: Reset the prin... Read More »

Why is my tv digi box dialing up[when the phone line is never plugged in! as have no need]?

The digi-boxes that plug into the phone line get software updates down the phone line, so it may be checking for updates.But that's a minor reason why they are connected to the phone line, the real... Read More »

Are all preamps biamp?

Not all preamps are biamp capable. As a matter of fact, most preamps send a full-range signal to the power amp. The Eden Navigator is one example of a preamp that is capable of full-range and biamp... Read More »

Why does the sound on my tv keep going off for 3-4 seconds whilst using the digi box?

its just bad signal, you can buy a signal booster! in some areas free veiw boxes are not compatible