How many mg of sodium are in a healthy diet for weight loss?

Answer The standard recommendation for sodium in a healthy diet is 2400 mg or less per day. The human body only needs 500 mg of sodium per day to function. Sodium does not technically have an effect on we... Read More »

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How much nutrients from grams, carbohydrates, fats, do I need to have a healthy weight loss diet in a day?

That would depend on the total calories you need a day for a weight loss diet, and how much weight your body can afford to lose per week in a natural, healthy way.First work out how much calories y... Read More »

What is the best weight loss diet to lose weight quickly?

On One Hand: Diets Do WorkDiets can work to help you eliminate calories. Diet programs such as Weight Watchers, NutriSystem and Jenny Craig help you to limit your calories while allowing you to mak... Read More »

What is the Perricone Weight Loss Diet?

Created by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, the Perricone Weight Loss Plan is a lifestyle change that provides individuals with methods to lose weight by eating specific anti-inflammatory foods. Along with ... Read More »

Best weight loss diet plan?

try this6 steps to transform your body1. CONTROLyour portions.Don’t eat until you are full,eat until you’re not hungry.6 STEPS2. QUESTIONeverything you eat.Fresh vegetables, skinless whitemeat,... Read More »