How many method can be used to implement cache memory?

Answer i know 4 method but it is more than these !1) small Ram2) associative memory3) semiconductor memory4) combination of 1 and 2

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What is the major difference between cache memory and ram(main memory)?

Cache is memory built directly onto the cpu itself and is therefore incredibly faster but usually very small (less than 6mb most of the time for even the newest processor) ram memory is the next fa... Read More »

What is cache memory used for?

Your computer uses cache memory to quickly access frequently used data. The cache memory makes up a small portion of your computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory). Whenever your computer’s CPU (Ce... Read More »

How to clean memory cache RAM?

You should try the registry cleaners to cleanup the memory use of your pc. You should clean your PC to get relief from the annoying error messages and other memory related problem which slow down y... Read More »

What is cache memory on a computer?

A computer uses an Internet browser to access and use the Internet. A cache is part of a browser. This cache stores information from the web pages visited and keeps the information so that they are... Read More »