How many meters are in a yardstick?

Answer One yardstick equals 3 ft. There are 91.4cm in a yardstick. A meter is 100cm. A yardstick is just under a meter. An additional 8.6cm are needed to make a meter. Therefore, there is .914 meter in a ... Read More »

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The perimeter of a dog pen is twenty four meters The length is five meters What is the width of the dog pen in meters?

I am guessing this is a homework question so I will explain how to get the answer rather than just answer it. If the length is 10 meters then the 2 sides of the length equal 10 meters. If you subtr... Read More »

How do you get square meters of a house measuring 7.94 meters by 10.66 meters.?

To find the square meters (Area), multiply length x width (A=LW): 10.66 x 7.94 = 84.6404 square meters.

How can u work out sound delay m/s for different lenght speaker wire 7 meters and 3 meters please help!!!?

The setting is used to measure the distance that your "primary listening" position is from the speaker. Fronts and rears are measured independently from one another. I design H.T. systems and even ... Read More »

What is 6 meters x 8 meters in square meters?