How many meteorites have hit Venus?

Answer Due to a major resurfacing event approximately 300 million years ago, there is no way to determine the exact amount of meteorites that have impacted Venus throughout history. However, space probes ... Read More »

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How many chromosomes are in a Venus flytrap?

Dionaea muscipula, the Venus flytrap, has 32 chromosomes. This is thechromosome number in the somatic cells of the plant, according to the International Carnivorous Plant Society. Somatic cells are... Read More »

How many satellites orbit Venus?

The planet Venus does not have any naturally occurring satellites, such as moons. However, man-made objects, such as the European Space Agency's Express probe, occasionally orbit the planet. These ... Read More »

How many NASA mission went to Venus?

All exploration of Venus to date has been by unmanned space probes. Mariner 2 was the first NASA probe to flyby Venus in 1962, followed by Mariner 5 in 1967 and Mariner 10 in 1973 . There were many... Read More »

How to Have A Venus Fly Trap Indoors?

Venus flytraps are one of the most interesting plants in the world. Rather than receiving nutrients from the soil like most plants, the flytrap actually receives its nutrients from bugs that it cat... Read More »