How many men are in an us army troop?

Answer Answer The answer to your question depends on the mission of the company. Artillery units have batteries and Cavalry units have troops, both of which are basically the same as a company. Compani... Read More »

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Ive just started a space marine army but need to know the requirements for a 1000 point army like how many troop types you need or how much heavy support you can have or need etc?

USAF Security Forces have two main deployment types currently: The first being a solid 6 Months along with an aproximate 2 months Pre-Deployment training school. Usually the standard works out to b... Read More »

How many men are in an Army troop?

The term "troop" is not part of the U.S. Army's organizational structure. Instead, four to 10 soldiers comprise a squad, 16 to 40 a platoon, 100 to 200 a company, 500 to 600 a battalion, 3,000 to 5... Read More »

How is an Army troop organized?

The U.S. Army is organized by operational units, ranging from squads to field armies. As the units become larger, they include additional elements from combat arms, combat support and combat servic... Read More »

What is the difference between troop and army?

A troop is a small group or family unit, while an army is a much larger, organized force.