How many megabytes is the windows 98 cd?

Answer A Windows 98 CD is 628MB in size. You will need at least 225MB of free hard drive space for a full Windows 98 install on a FAT16 drive and 175MB on a FAT32 formatted drive.Source:Microsoft Support:... Read More »

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How many megabytes in a GB?

The correct answer to the first part of your question is:1024MB = 1GBin fact the same goes all the way down the scale:1024KB = 1MB1024B = 1KBBased on that assumption 21,824kb = 21.3125Mb as you wou... Read More »

How many megabytes are there in a gigabyte?

How many megabytes does a CD-RW hold?

A standard CD-RW disc can hold a capacity of 700 megabytes of data. A CD-RW can last up to 100 years, can have 1,000 rewrites, and can hold as much information as 486.11 floppy disks.Source:How and... Read More »

I want to know that 1 gigabyte = how much megabytes?

1 gigabyte = 1 024 megabytesI checked the exact number with google.