How many mega pixels is good for a digital camera?

Answer There is no "good" or "bad" in the world of mega pixels. when the cameras first entered the digital realm, 3 mega pixels(MP) is considered alot. but now, the market is full of 10.1 MP and 12.3 MP c... Read More »

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Is 3 mega pixels a rubbish digital camera I mean for a camera not a phone camera, I don't need an excellent 1?

Nope, 3 megapix its more than enough for normal shots. i had one that is about 5 years old and it takes great pictures (Nikon 885).

I'm looking for a new digital camera with 12.1 mega pixels, why...?

You can get a 12MP point-and-shoot that will cost you $200, or a high-end DSLR camera that is $2000, and it's all in the features:DSLR:ISO 50-3200removable and changeable lenseschangeable flashextr... Read More »

What was the mega pixels on the first digital camera?

How add mega pixels in digital camera?

well if the camera lens is not droped and kept in good condition 25-35 years