How many mega bites in a GIGABYTE?

Answer 1024 or 1000, depending on who's counting.Microsoft and most computer systems use 1024 MB per GB, and that's the way RAM and disk space are reported.Disk and flash drive manufacturers use 1000 MB p... Read More »

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Are mega bites more than giga bites?

8 bits = 1 byte1024 bytes = 1 kilobyte (kb)1024 kb = 1 Megabyte (Mb)1024 Mb = 1 Gigabyte (Gb)1024 Gb = 1 Terabyte (Tb)

How many 10 mega pixel pictures will a 1 gigabyte memory card hold?

The answer to your question will depend on the type of camera, how you are storing the files and how complex the images are. In general, you should be able to get about 200-225 pictures on a 1GB me... Read More »

How many 2 mega pixel pictures will a 1 gigabyte memory card hold?

At 2mp's for 1gb, your memory card can hold at least 1,500 pictures. I had a 4mp camera with a 512 and that card holds over 700 photos.P.S. Why don't you start looking for another camera. the costs... Read More »

How many photo's can a one gigabyte memory card hold if they are 7.2 mega pixels each?

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