How many max Hard disk installed in system?

Answer what type of system?

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How to Format a Hard Disk Using a System Recovery Disk?

If your computer has encountered serious technical troubles through fragmentation, registry errors, or even a computer virus, you'll be glad to learn that you can easily format the drive without ev... Read More »

I have a dell laptop with 200GB hard disk and I have installed windows 7.?

Read the Link carefully. I suggest you make sure you have a recovery disc made of your present Operating system though.…

Single hard disk installed in windows xp and redhat liunx9 how to format harddisk?

Clearly you should installed both OS under two separate partitions? So you may need to format either Windows partition or Linux partition or entire hard disk.Steps1)Back up your data to a DVD or a ... Read More »

About system hard disk bad sector?

Defragmenting will reduce and/or help prevent "soft bad sectors" , not "hard bad sectors". Think of it as virtual corruption versus actual physical corruption. Like if you scribble on paper with pe... Read More »