Who were the two marines who received the Medal of Honor twice?

Answer Major General Smedley Butler & Sergeant Major Dan Daly both received 2 Medals of Honor.

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What was the first medal ever awarded in the Marine Corps?

The Recruiting Ribbon to Robert Cook at Tun Tavern in 1776

What is the highest medal awarded in the Navy?

The highest medal awarded in the Navy is the Medal of Honor. In fact, the Medal of Honor is the highest honor that can be bestowed on any United States service member, no matter what branch. It i... Read More »

Can a foreign military officer be awarded a U.S. medal?

There are certain United States military medals that foreign military officers may be awarded, including the Legion of Merit, the Soldier's Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal and the Army Achieve... Read More »

Are Army officers awarded the Good Conduct medal?

No, it is awarded only to enlisted personnel. If an officer is wearing one, they may have earned it while enlisted, prior to receiving their commission.