How many maps can be stored on a 2gb garmin?

Answer You can typically store up to 1,000 maps or waypoints on a Garmin 2GB. Larger maps take up more space and will give you room for less than 1,000 maps to be stored.Source:Tiger GPS: Garmin 2GB

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How many Garmin maps can fit in a 2GB card?

For many of the most recently available Garmin GPS units, a 2 GB card meets the minimum requirements for memory storage. Therefore, a 2 GB card may not hold some of the larger map collections like... Read More »

How accurate are the Garmin Nuvi 250 maps?

The Garmin Nuvi 250 (discontinued) is considered an entry-level GPS, and the maps are considered very accurate. The system uses Navtek technology, which experts say is the best. The maps are very a... Read More »

How to Load Garmin Maps on an SD Card?

Handheld global positioning systems (GPS) afford you the luxury of always knowing the right road to travel, even in unfamiliar locations. Because many handheld GPS units feature SD capability, you ... Read More »

How Can I Download Maps for the Garmin eTrex?

The Garmin eTrex GPS device is an easy-to-use, handheld navigation device that can be used around the world. Garmin provides map packs that can be purchased and uploaded to your eTrex device to exp... Read More »