How many many different plants in France?

Answer quite a few hard to name.

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How many different cheeses are there in France?

France is home to about 500 types of cheese. These fall into eight basic categories: fresh cheese (such as petit suisse); soft, natural-rind cheese (such as brie); soft, washed-rind cheese (such as... Read More »

How many nuclear power plants are there in france?

There are 59 nuclear power plants in France. These reactors generate 430 billion kWh of power yearly---more than 75 percent of the country's electricity. France's many nuclear plants have given it ... Read More »

How many different plants exist in the Everglades?

Scientists continue to discover new plants in the Everglades. Several different habitats make up the Everglades. In these habitats--which include hardwood, marshes and forests--thousands of differe... Read More »

How to Have Many Different Passwords for Many Different Websites?

You probably have to subscribe to many different web services and use one or a few passwords for all of them. Well, this is not a good idea, since someone who gets to know your password in one serv... Read More »